You can track any package shipped via Select Courier at any time, day or night from any location on the worldwide web.
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   Select Courier Service is the only express company in Pakistan specializing exclusively in nationwide and worldwide "same-day" and "next-flight-out" service for time-critical shipments.

    Offering premium service with no weight, size or value restrictions, Select Courier Service ensures the fastest
delivery possible throughout the world. With thousands of flights at our disposal, every shipment travels on the first available flight regardless of the time the order is placed. No shipment is ever held for consolidation. Our entire global network operates on a 24-hour basis, six days a week. We remain the only Company in Pakistan dedicated to treating
each and every shipment on an individual priority basis.
Last Updated ( 27/08/2010 )

Eid Gifts

Dear Customer, We have also start service to deliever gifts to your friends and family.

Last Updated ( 06-12-2009 )

Select Courier

Select Courier : We Have Launched Our Website. Now you can track ur shipment with our tracking tool